merry Christmas

December 24th, 2010

Just wanted to wish you all a very very merry christmas and the happiest of new years…I promise i will do my blog properly in 2011

lots of love

John xxxxx

fashion fashion fashion

October 28th, 2010

sorry I have been so rubbish at this

promise i will update my fashion blog as soon as i can

busy fashion shopping for new fashion show

doing lots of make overs


Day One in the new website

June 8th, 2010

Thank you all so much for your fabulous comments re my new website…it has had such a brilliant reception……I can take no credit whatsoever it was the amazing Justin Daurat who made it happen…oh that reminds me I must pay him!!! hahahah

So my very own blog….I plan to tell you all that I am up to and where you can see me next and the exploits that happen along the way.

So what can I tell you now….well it all sounds a bit sad really…am doing my window boxes in the rain, ironing the 28 shirts I should have done last night instead of sitting here admiring my new website…..and I may have to pop round for coffee with my mate Nadine (hardly a celebrity price tag) Baggott as her pussy is playing up and that always puts her in a bit of a sad place

I can also add pics so here are a couple of Silje’s confirmation in Foldereid in Norway …a mere 12 hour drive from Oslo and not a moose to be seen.

Anyay my lobelia’s are wilting so i  better get on…..just realised that you can comment on here too…how brilliant is that

so for now tata and see you soon

oh now my friend Simone says the words are falling off the edge of the page on her computer…are they on yours too????

my brand spanking new website

June 7th, 2010

Well here it is…after all this time it finally arrived and i LOVE it…..every now and then I shall add to the blog so keep coming back and check up on what I have been up to and what I might be doing in the near future……i can even add pics so expect some fun shots

see you soon xxxxxxx